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Upcoming Events and Webinars

Russian-language Webinars

An additional webinar will be announced soon for the Russian-speaking regions of Europe.

Coming soon...

Previous Events and Webinars

Rapid DNA Policy in Europe Webinar

The euraDNA team hosted a webinar on Rapid DNA Policy Considerations in Europe on September 14th, 2022. Presenters discussed how European jurisdictions are utilizing Rapid DNA within existing legal frameworks.

Recording coming soon!

Kazakhstan DNA Database Symposium

euraDNA and GTH DNA is hosting an even on forensic DNA databasing in Kazakhstan on September 22. International guest speakers will join from Dubai, INTERPOL, and the United States!

Kazakhstan Forensic DNA Webinar

The euraDNA team is hosting a series of webinars on forensic DNA databasing. The third webinar will be on July 22nd, from 10 AM - 12 PM Nur Sultan Time. Interested in joining this event or any upcoming webinar?

Kazakhstan Forensic DNA Webinar

On April 27, euraDNA hosted the first in a series of webinars on advanced topics in forensic DNA databasing for Kazakhstan. The webinar discussed the administration and functioning of forensic DNA databases. There are more webinars to come!

Ukraine Forensic DNA Webinar Series

On November 23 and January 26, euraDNA, in conjunction with GTH DNA, hosted webinars on advanced topics in forensic DNA databasing for Ukraine’s State Scientific Forensic Research Center.


Polish Crime Lab's 10th Anniversary Conference

GTH-GA is chairing a DNA session at the annual NextLab2021 Conference in Uniejow, Poland.


On 24 September, 2021, GTH DNA and euraDNA have organized a panel of experts to speak on best practices in DNA databasing, including managers of successful DNA databases throughout the European Union, and experts from the FBI. Other experts include renowned academics, scientific experts, and survivor advocates.

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Forensic DNA Symposium

The Forensic Symposium was the first in a series of DNA events, spanning North, South, East and West Africa.

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The DNAforAfrica podcast SERIES!

Vanessa Lynch speaks to

Human Rights Lawyer, Pieter Cronje

about his work in combating Human Trafficking in East Africa

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